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August 2014 COTM

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Brian Kimmitt DanteGTZ 1993 Quad4 GTZ

I started down the Beretta path back in 1999 when I bought a 1990 Beretta GT. That car lasted a little over a year before the engine blew. Shortly thereafter, in August of 2000, I bought a 1993 Quasar Quad4 GTZ from a dealer in Montana. I loved the car and kept it until buying my ’04 SRT4 in early 2005. Foolishly, I let the SRT4’s turbocharged power cloud my opinion of the GTZ and I sold the car to a friend who kept it for a couple years before selling it again.

Fast forward to Fall 2012. I am not sure why, but out of the blue, but I began to think about (and really miss) my old GTZ. I had been away from for almost 7 years by this point. I searched for my old GTZ but couldn’t locate it; I’m guessing it had been junked. I managed to find another 1993 Quasar Blue Quad4 GTZ from another Bnet member in Wisconsin. It needed and engine but surprisingly the car was rust free. We agreed on a price and I drove up to WI and trailered the car home in January of 2013.

It took me the better part of a year to get it running again. I had to source quite a few missing parts and had a few problems along the way but eventually got it running. As of now it has:

1994 Quad4 HO bottom end (brand new from crate engine) Reworked 086 Cylinder head W41 Cams ARP Head Studs 89-91 HO Exhaust Manifold 89-91 HO crank pulley Eibach Pro-Kit springs

I plan on keeping the mod list fairly small. The exterior of the car will remain fairly stock and my main focus of any performance mods will be in braking and suspension.

As Beretta sightings become less frequent and they become harder to find in rust free condition, my goals have shifted somewhat to preservation. I plan on keeping this car for as long as possible. I have no intentions to ever sell it or our other 1993 Garnet GTZ. I made that mistake once, but will not make it again! It’s good to be back!

BerettaFest 2015 LOCATION!

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 Berettafest 2015 will be in Biloxi Mississippi!
Registration is OPEN!!!
Hotel Reservation cut off for the group rate is May 24th so Registration will be closing on May 17th!

A New Day


Congratulations to Michelle and Katlyn Wilson for your Biloxi Mississippi Gulf Coast Proposal win!

Beretta Fest 2015 will be on the coast next year.  Plan your trip, prep the car and don’t forget to charge that A/C. Stay tuned to the forum for updates on planning as the year progresses.  Bfest 2015 will be held on June 25th-28th, A bit later next year but that is due to Fathers day falling on the third weekend in June.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!