my christmas cash goodies...

Vent shades, black outs, things like that
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my christmas cash goodies...

Postby themadness » Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:10 am

i stumbled on a local yard that i had no idea existed. it's just big enough to play basket ball in. zooming past a white 94 catches my eye. a quick U turn later i'm picking out some things that my early christmas cash came in handy for.

i really wish i could get a good shot of the head liner i grabbed. nearly mint with the visors in tact. the elastic bands that wrap them are barely sagging. it does need a quick cleaning though.

also picked a console lid that was impressively holding up. very little warp.

headliner and console lid cost me 40 dollars

a shot of my DIY dome light. motion activated and runs off of 3 AAA batteries. it puts out lots more light than the factory of course. it was stark white so i painted to it match and installed as cleanly as possible. doesnt look bad IMO.

also added some AC control knobs since mine were on their last leg.

the trunk was locked and didnt have an auto open button on the shift plate for some reason. i'm guessing there might be some floor mats i could salvage.

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