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Re: LED Facts and How To's..

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:33 pm
by DTMAce
Nice vid. Lights look good man. And for everyone else's knowledge, the front markers are clear, the back ones are the normal red. These markers are version 2.0 the latest build design. After all, I did have to refine the work a bit to try to make them last a while. I still personally run the beta first build. Need to redo mine in fact as some are aware, but all 4 lights at the moment work perfect.

Styluss had version 1, but with all that dirt tracking he does, (just kidding Ryan) the markers started leaking, since I sealed them with epoxy. I rebuilt his entire set once already under warranty, (again I had used epoxy, just a different brand) and he has had to seal them again and switched to silicone, but to date he is the only one that I have had an issue with. But I took his action to form. Not to mention his patience. :D

All of my current builds (the past year since before the Chicago fest) now use a high quality clear silicone glue/sealant. Its more flexible, so should hold up way better for vibrations, impacts, etc, not to mention still keep them water tight. The only real big difference with the 2.0 ones, is the locking rear tabs were done away with. With the use of 1/8 plexi for a backing material, the makers are pretty stiff, so just the one screw can hold them in place, however as I instructed Mark, use a small piece of good double sided stickum to just keep the loose end secure. Shouldn't be a problem, some of that stuff they use for holding on molding trim would be ideal, just make sure the surfaces are good and clean and dry. And make sure to use something fairly thin. Once I have time to research something easily available, I will simply include it with the next generation.

Those of you wanting lights, cool. I will be doing a new LED thread in the sale section very soon. Once I have time to revise the original thread that I used to have on bstuff. I had a local copy. But I need to completely redo it. Hopefully will have that posted up the next day or so, so keep an eye out.

By all means, anyone with questions, ideas, complaints, or show off your own work, hell fire away. This thread is for LED stuff in general. Just trying to help you all out. At some point will be also posting up links for lighting items you can buy directly for our cars. (not me personally, but just stuff I have found over the last couple years)


Re: LED Facts and How To's..

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:01 pm
by Nivek Rekrap
I am currently installing a 22 1/2 inch x 3 inch LED light bar above the spoiler in my 95 base model. Thanks for posting your knowlege.