Razzi Body Kit????

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Razzi Body Kit????

Postby Koots » Tue May 20, 2014 10:13 am

Once I get the money, a guy one town over from me (still over 400miles away, because I live in the middle of nowhere) is williing to hold onto 2 Beretta's he has. One's a 96 2.2/5-speed and the other is a early 93 3.1/5-speed.

He's going to include a Razzi kit with them, which doesn't seem to look very good, but it's included free in the $500 price (gonna cost minimum $200 on gas to get there with my 2500HD though). I just wanted to see if anyone has any pics of this kit that weren't taken in 1995, cuz I could only find 2 pics of the same car w/this kit online and would like a better look, so if anyone got any clearer pics that would be great.

P.S: Once I get these, My ultimate plan is swap my turbo build and performance parts from the Corsica to the 96, switch the 3.1/5-speed to the Corsica and mock up a RWD build on the 93 (worst external shape) with LS V8 (I got 3 blocks, 2 complete engines, one is a 08' 4.8L the others are 03' and 04' 6.0L). Just gonna mock it up for now, because I'm waiting on finding an aluminum block 5.3L before I finalize the RWD swap.

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Razzi Body Kit????

Postby whiteretta » Sun Jun 08, 2014 10:45 pm

It would be neat to see a car done right with that kit since no one really uses it anymore.

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