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spoiler s

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:14 am
by ladz24/z26
Just thought I'd ask,is there a rear spoiler that I can fit in the z26 spoilers place that mounts the same?

Rear spoiler just plainly sucks Texas heat destroys them all. :burn:
I was thinking maybe a 3rd gen. Cavalier spoiler to try new maybe replace this without a spoiler delete or another trunk

Just thought I'd ask maybe get some ideas
It's a 96 z26

Re: spoiler s

Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:21 pm
by Slinky
No spoilers that i know of remount in the same locations as a stock "z26" spoiler,
Alot of people buy plain trunk lids and drill for GTU spoilers, some even buy cavi spoliers which also require drilling new holes..

Re: spoiler s

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:13 pm
by ladz24/z26
Thanks all I needed to know. I have the car prprimered black and didn't want to prepare for paint a broken spoiler.