Interior restoration

Vent shades, black outs, things like that
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Interior restoration

Postby 1990BerettaGTZ2.3L » Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:38 pm

Make it a sticky or what if you will, if some of you are like me and your old Beretta is showing her age and she needs some tender love and care and OH NO!! Noone can restore my factory interior to original, well that's what you think. If your town is like mine and many others around me then you probably have an interior shop that does decent work, well now you go to them and they tell you they can't find original material well they just didn't look hard enough. I've know about an A+ interior company for awhile now since I've restored my 1968 chevelle 300 deluxe, it's a rare model, and nobody reproduced the factory door panels for it, they are different than SS and Malibu, well I was searching google doing some deep digging and I found a place called SMS Auto Fabrics. Well I got on their website and sent for samples for my 300 Deluxe and in the back of my mind I was saying this is pointless cause they are are going to send me samples for SS/Malibu door panels. Well 2 weeks went by and the samples came in the mail at no charge nice part about it, the suspense was building as I opened the envelope. I then took the samples out and all be damned they had exact originals that I needed for door panels, seat fabric, windlace, carpet, and headliner, they were a bit pricey but, come to find out I found out it's all NOS material they bought from auto manufacturers, this was 7 years ago.

Well 2 weeks ago I sent for seat fabric, door panel samples, headliner and carpet and some other tidbits, and in high hopes of them sending it all, I don't think they have door panels but I bet they could make them to factory specs if you send them your old ones, all of my GTZ material such ad the crosslaced dark blue and light blue silver inserts, they have the same Nos material for that, they also had the correct light gray seat sides material also, the headliner material they sent me was factory correct with foam backing, and the carpet they sent me is factory correct. The carpet kit pre formed is $225 not a bad price for synthetic carpet premolded for your Beretta.Now that you've got your material just take it and your seats and what not or for the DIY'ers take off you seat covers and get your sewing machine out and ready to go. The foam is basically the part that makes are cars look so rough inside, the reason is that the sides of your seats take alot of abuse with you getting in and out of your car on a daily basis, all the leaning sliding,sitting on takes it's toll after awhile. Now I haven't done this yet but you should be able to get some foam and shape it to the original shape it was from factory making it it have the nice tight fabric feel and look. While your at it you might ad well try to replicate the parts that need replaced it your new material and sew it on to make your seat nice and new again. This should be possible for anybody wether it be yourself or interior trim shop.

I give this place a 1000% just because they are the only ones that can make your car to their original glory, so guys start buying the seats and stuff from your salvage yards so you can have them restored without having an interior for the wait time to get them done.

The place is SMS Auto Fabrics out of Oregon

Their website is good luck with your samples you won't regret it.

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