corvette brakes

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corvette brakes

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 24, 2005 2:45 am

hey guys anyone know what all it will take to get these puppies to fit my beretta??

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corvette brakes

Postby z284pwr » Tue Oct 25, 2005 1:11 pm

You may want to ask NoCutt on that one, he has rear Corvette brakes on his Beretta, *if I remember correctly I'm sure someone will come in and verify*

You will probably have to build a caliper adapter bracket to bolt to your currect caliper mounting bracket that those would bolt onto, plus new lines that fit, new pads.

Hell if you wanted to get fancy, just build your own custom brake setup entirely.  its not really that hard....well, no, experience in building race cars helps.  You just have to get over the fact that OMG! I'm working on the brakes, and making something custom.  Race car brakes are custom aren't they? Same thing, just already have the engine and stuff in the way you have to manuever around.

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corvette brakes

Postby Racing_Rush » Sun Oct 30, 2005 1:21 am

I would think that they would work, but there are other options if you want bigger brakes.  I know of one guy that you should check his setup out, he doesnt have a write up on how to do it, but it looks very impressive and he has a list of parts and pictures.  

Awsome Brakes

He has big Cadillac front brakes and a Pontiac 6000 rear discs from the looks.  Might even be lucky and have the same bolt pattern.

But as for just bolting those massive calipers to stock disc I would say no.  You need bigger discs so that your caliper can be spaced high enough away from your steering knuckles cause those are huge and they probley wont fit so close to the knuckles. Bigger discs also means bigger wheels and different offset.  Look at the specs for Corvette wheels for a starting point when ordering or sourcing out new rims.

I dont want to discourage you, but its going to be expensive and time consuming but its totally worth it especually if you have performance in mind.  60-0 is just as importand as 0-60.  I also notice when I drive my car hard my brakes really fade from the heat.  Some nice cross drilled rotors and maybe some air ducts would go a long way for reliable, performance braking.

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