Suspension swapping...

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Suspension swapping...

Postby LOLVTEC » Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:13 am

Ok, as some of you guys know I recently (and finally) acquired the Black Z26 I've always wanted. I've got a few questions regarding swapping the suspension between this era Beretta and older model Berettas. Basically what I have in mind is rebuilding the suspension on this car and then transferring as much of it from this car to my GTU when it comes time to do so (don't ask).

That being said, I'm aware that there are several components that are different, namely the front control arms and sub frames, and the rear axle, springs, and shocks. It's my understanding that the front struts/springs are the same, but just about everything on the rear of the car is not. I am kicking around the idea of 5 speed swapping this car, and I know I need 93 or earlier (only other ideal year 92?) subframes to make it happen. With that in mind, if I swap the subframes, I should be able to use 93 (and I guess 94 too) and earlier control arms and other suspension components on the front, correct? If so, other than the junkyard, does anyone have any idea what the best place to track these sub frames down is? I can't remember if there's any interchangeability between L and J bodies... I also don't remember for sure if the subframes have to be from a 5speed v6 car or not...

Beyond that, is it possible to swap a 95+ rear axle onto a 94 and older car? For example my GTU... If I'm buying suspension for this car (the Z26), it would definitely be just an added bonus that I could theoretically swap the stuff to an older model that I own along with the rear axle... (I know that the rear shocks and springs are different on 95+ cars). Any help and insight would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Re: Suspension swapping...

Postby woody90gtz » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:10 am

The upper spring pockets on the unibody are different on the 95+, as well as in a different location. You could probably drill out the spot welds and convert it...but it's not a simple swap.

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