Replacing stock coil springs with variable-rate?

Want some new struts? What brand springs to buy? How much camber to run? What brake pads? What's the best setup for your situation....

Variable-rate coils or cushy old stock?

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Get with the times, variable-rate coils.
Boat it, stock.
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Replacing stock coil springs with variable-rate?

Postby GreenMachine » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:51 pm

Hello all, driving a 1990 Indy 3.1

So I've got struts and shocks that need replacing, and I figured while that was going on I'll swap out mounts, bearings, and spring isolaters. I've got original stock coils on the front and back, but wanted to ask this forum what they thought about replacing with MOOG variable-rate CC624 in front and CC645 in back. Here are their specs: ... tions.html

I couldn't find specs for Chevy Stock, so I don't know what their original load and quality of material was. But they're old springs by this point, and I'm of two minds about it. On the one hand, I really enjoy driving around town in a cushy ride, but on the other I've bottomed out on the freeway hitting dips. Struts should take care of that I'm told, but what do you guys think? Anyone driving variable-rate coils (or MOOG specifically) that can remark on the stiffness of the ride?

Thanks for your perspective.

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Re: Replacing stock coil springs with variable-rate?

Postby Money pit Beretta » Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:35 pm

I would try the shocks and struts first. But the springs may be dead because no one replaced the shocks and struts or didn't do it enough times.
My Cavy had dead Eibachs do to some jerk at a shop using locking pliers on the shock/strut shafts.
Anyway I put some Delco's on my Beretta to replace some near dead(or just a little worn out) FE2 springs. They are still breaking in at this time. So far they are better than they were. The ride is a bit rough and nothing like the stockers soft ride. The Moog's I had on the 90GT were rough as hell, still that was many years ago and may not be the same as what you get now.
For your Indy just about everything is going to be a step down in handling, unless you are using lowering springs.
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