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Postby berettajunkie1991 » Sun Apr 01, 2007 7:36 pm

Hey everyone after my GTZ got sideswiped the body shop fixed it and replaced my window Drivers side. Anyways about a week ago it came off the track got it on track but now it makes some type of popping noise and im not ready to drop the car off and have it fixed and plus the shop is about an 1.5 hours from my ma's house and i dont trust them.  anyways how do you remove the drivers side window so i can repair what they didnt.

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Postby Jeff P » Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:23 am

It sounds to me like it's still popping out of one of the tracks...I've never had a popping noise caused by anything else, but who knows?  Maybe time for some track adjustment?  But don't ask me, I never could fix mine and ended up replacing the entire door :p The proper adjustment procedure is to loosen the front track bolts, roll the window all the way down, tighten the front track bolts (finger tight), roll the window back up and tighten the bolts, and then run it to make sure it works okay.

To remove the window you should start with it in the up position.  Remove the front track and roll the window down halfway, then tilt the window forward and get regulator wheel out of the metal channel on the bottom of the window.  Then you can pull the window up and out of the door (toward the inside of the door rather than outside).  BTW, you may have to loosen the rear track or something too.  I always had all the moldings removed, but am not sure if it's necessary.  Hopefully someone has done this more recently than I have, I'm trying to remember back to 2000 ???

Anyway, you get the idea...

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