Help! Frame rust - can it be fixed?

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Re: Help! Frame rust - can it be fixed?

Postby georgevalparaiso » Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:05 pm

OK thanks. Yes I saw the rockers on ebay. My concern is the rust that goes beyond the rockers. If you take another look at the video, the rust that goes up in the cavity along the length of the door behind the rockers - I guess this is the floor pan? All of that rust would have to be cut away too and new metal welded in order to stop it from spreading - right? And yes the curved piece that comes down from the door hinges too. If all of that rust is not removed would it just keep going up into the firewall and eventually the door hinges would come loose? I have never seen that before but I imagine that is the future if I do nothing.

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