1992 Quasar Blue GTZ, Q4 5spd - New Mexico

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1992 Quasar Blue GTZ, Q4 5spd - New Mexico

Postby Stencil » Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:33 am


Michael Byrd's old car is for sale again. I spoke with the owner a bit and it appears that after he got it, it's needed quite a bit of work within the first thousand miles (head, head gasket, radiator, clutch, just to name a few) and now it apparently has a knock in the bottom end. He priced it at $4k before the bottom end issue as he was just trying to unload it, but now he's done and doesn't want to put any more time into it.

This might be a good car to pick up if you've wanted a GTZ for a while and don't mind a little motor work :)

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Re: 1992 Quasar Blue GTZ, Q4 5spd - New Mexico

Postby Asylum » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:14 pm

Wow, poor thing looks like it has seen better days, but it appears to be all here.

And a '92 Quasar with Blue interior GTZ is nothing to sneeze at.

Depending on the price, and location (New Mexico?) it might be something worth looking into.

It's not a $3000 car but might be a buy at $1000 :Search: with a blown motor.

Just my .02



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