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Amp Repair Center

Postby Ryan from Ohio » Wed Sep 27, 2006 10:12 pm

I normally dont post other peoples business outside my board, but this is a red alert to anyone with an amp that needs to be repaired or others who frequent many car audio boards.

It involves this company:

And a friend, fellow co owner of Car Audio Central, Justin from Detroit

AND his costly Audison amplifier...

Basicly he sent this amplifier in for repair, which they quoted delivery and price on via email.

Needless to say they didnt come through, not even close. Actually they promised the amp out numerous times and notheing happened. Then asked for more money to simply just return it. Still nothing.

This place is located in Akron Ohio.

They dont answer phone calls from him now e mails.

So currently as it sits they still have his $600+ amplifier, charged him various monies for doing absolutely nothing...


Also if you live in the area, please give the front door to ther business a Dirty Sanchez.

This is all,


Link: ... php?t=5727

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