Some wiring dealings

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Some wiring dealings

Postby LOLVTEC » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:02 am

Hey all,
Got most of my interior out for some wiring changes that I'm making to the car.

First I'm adding factory foglights and GTZ style turn signals up front. I have the bumper off and the first thing I notice is that there is no tab in the bumper to mount the z04 style turn signals... for anyone that has done this swap how did you remedy this? Weld a bracket to the bumper or screw some kind of brackets to the bumper?

Also, the car originally had 2 bulbs up front for the parking lights and turn signals... what happens to the spare bulb once you add the new style turn signal lamp? I assume on Z04 cars the turn signal bulb acts as both since there's only one bulb plugged into the lamp? Has anyone ever added the second bulb to the new lamps for the heck of it or does it matter whether you have a bulb in that socket or not?

The next thing I'm doing which I'm not sure about is adding the foglights. I realize you have to have a a relay, and a switch. What's the best way to wire them? Is it like the factory way or is there an alternative? I have a relay, and a relay connector. I snatched a 5 pin relay connector off of a car from the junkyard because rockauto listed the relay connector as being a 5 pin, but after being smart I checked out my GTZ's relay to see that it was a 4 pin... But I guess that doesn't matter, I'll just butt the extra wire off.

Anyhow, the foglights run to the relay, and then the relay has power and ground, and then a somehow runs to the switch. Thing is though, does it run to the fuse panel first, or is that already done by splicing into the wiring harness?
Just curious how you may exactly do this.

The next thing I've done before but I can't remember specifically exactly how I did it... I wired my radar detector into the wiring harness too.. IIRC I wired the power into 12v keyed ignition and a ground...

The other thing I'm doing is wiring a digital compass mirror... It has 5 wires to wire. But the ones that are giving me an issue are for the temperature... It's a GNTX-177 mirror, and from what I've read from other forums, the temperature gage only works when you use the sensor that came off of the car you got the mirror from, a certain type of sensor. The first thing I was thinking was that I could use the temperature sensor in the grill that digital dash uses to get that signal... I guess I could try it but if it doesn't work I'm having a hard time locating one online to buy... I guess I could go back to the junkyard and try to find a sensor off of a cadillac (I don't think the one I pulled the mirror from is still there).

The mirror has a reverse dim feature, but I can't remember which wire to run that wire to. I think last time I did it I ran it to the backup wire that lights the reverse lights in the taillights, maybe... But then I don't think it worked. :roll:

Also, what's a way that I can power up the car without the engine in the car? Never tried it before not sure what to do about all the unconnected grounds. Do they all have to be grounded?

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Re: Some wiring dealings

Postby 3X00-Modified » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:22 am

I used my base bumper and all the holes I needed existed... I'm not sure why it doesn't on the older models, but as far as the bulbs go, I had to swap to a Z04 headlight harness since its different.

Everything else yes the grounds all have to touch the frame for the most part and then just tie all the positive leads that are at the starter to the main power cable.

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