our beretta eats mustangs for breakfast

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Re: our beretta eats mustangs for breakfast

Postby 3X00-Modified » Tue May 19, 2009 8:48 am

Well you have to pick who you toy around with, some GT's will eat you alive, others yeah you could probably give them a run for their money.

I just saw a new Charger on the highway Sunday night that had a number in its window from running, and the dial in was 13.94, so I was like wow I could hold with a Charger if I wanted to play with him (Note this was a female drive, I'm not sure if that's an average time for those cars or if she just doesn't know how to drive).

BUT I'm now almost positive that my car will no longer keep up with something like that... I added 14lbs of rotating weight to my drive line by upgrading my brakes from 10.2" to 12" F-body ones... As Geoff said, no glory without sacrifice. In my mind the bigger brakes are well worth it, especially since I can easily squeeze more power out of my engine over the winter after I'm done fooling around with the nitrous this year :)

Mikey Morris
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Re: our beretta eats mustangs for breakfast

Postby Mikey Morris » Thu May 21, 2009 10:57 am

My God there is some real crap in this thread.....

hey there racers we were comeing home the other night from down island we were just prowling along and a mustang came up to us reved his moter i gave thumbs up and we slowed to 30 and punched it going thru the gears we got to 120 and i shifted from third to fourth and left him in the dust i grabed fifth all i saw was head lights disapearing in my rear "

What year Mustang?

"x2 gt mustangs are a joke i can burn them in my stock supercoupe"

Right. What are you smoking?

My Quad 4 runs low 15s(hit high 14s once but could not duplicate it). I struggle to hang with modded pre 99 Mustangs and a few have beat me. I beat a few AOD convertables but on high speed races they could beat me.
Mustangs are cheap-most kids that have them have no idea how to launch,shift(4.6s the early ones like low shift points as an example). Plus the street is a piss poor place to use as a reference on how fast a car is.
My Fox body with 308 gears,T5 and no mods went 14.5 at 95 MPH when new. Both of my 90s GTZs were high 15 second cars that trapped high 80s.

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