Time For A Break!

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Time For A Break!

Postby jene » Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:36 pm

The 2008 racing season is now officialy over for Bandimere Speedway... It was a good year... could of been better. My car had a lot of issues this season... I am so glad  I will be able to get the silver z ready for 2009!

Here are just a few of my accomplishments from theis season...

Being first in point in my class for awhile... first time for that... then i choked and fell to second..

2 first place wins in a row in my class!

and making it to the semi's in run tuff at the bracket nationals.Wally race... One round away from taking my first wally!...

another track record!! ran what i dialed with an 0!

Several Perfect lights and getting my average below .050 for the season!!!

and being asked to announce for 2009!! And actually announcing some races!!

2009 I will be starting from scratch, so I may not finish as well as the last 2 season... different car, new engine may change up my consistancy a bit and will take me a few to get in my groove... I am crossing my fingers i will still be able to dial my car with the same method as I use for the corsica...

The corsicas engine is just tired.. sooo tired.. went from 16.7's last season to a best of 16.8 this season and a average of a 17.05.. last season her average was a 16.8... she is tired.. time to retire her..

I may have an actual race car by then... but i am taking it one step at a time and consintrating on my health issues and moving first...other wise i will be running the silver z...

Silver z will have a 3400, cai, udp, polly mounts, and thats about it. nothing fancy...

2009... IF i continue to race sport compact.. I am gunning for 1st in point hardcore... I may choose to move to a high class.. run tuff. I have already proven i can hang with that class... I will be announcing events once or twice a weekend and will be doing some traveling along with that job...

Im ready for this break.. but know by next weekend i will be ansy to get back to the track.. hahahha  to bad it does not re open till april... :(

Awards dinner is in november and yes I do have a podium spot for taking 2nd in my class.. so I am excited!


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Time For A Break!

Postby Asylum » Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:57 pm

Enjoy the break Jene.

It can be very invigorating.

Congrats on your accomplishments this season, and yes, it can get make you a little tired week after week.


(I'm in Vegas for the SEMA Show Nov 4-7th, and may be up your way sometime after that.)

I'll give you a call if I'm close to you and Ryan.


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