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2014 Event #1

Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 6:01 pm
by quad4berettagtz
So the first event back on street tires was an interesting one...

Took 4th out of 6 in Street Touring Compact.

I was the fastest driver NOT in a '91 Civic Si hatchback. For those unfamiliar, this is the king car in this class. This car transforms even the most pedestrian driver into being respected at the national level. And my club has produced 3 national champions in this class in this car.

Basically I did all I can do...

-Blew out the baffle in the muffler on the first run. Car was deafening the rest of the day! Extremely glad that I towed it to the event, AND that Thrush mufflers are only $39.99 LOL
-I was only 1 second back from 3rd, and the closest Si to me...
-I was 2 seconds from the top of the class. In the past in this class a class winning hatch would beat me by 2.5-3 seconds. This shows improvement, and the fact that the new tires are worth the $.
-Codriver Chad improved 6 seconds throughout the day. Good first event in 4 years for him? On track for a good year for sure...

Missing event #2 on May 25, and will be back in action at event #3 on June 8th!!!

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 4:18 am
by Cliff8928
So how are the new street tires compared to the old race tires?

How much more can you do to the car and still be in your class?

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 10:38 am
by quad4berettagtz
Honestly I feel like they are about on par with the old Toyo Proxes RA1's I had '08-'11... Its amazing to see how far street tire tech has come...

There are a lot of little things we can do to the car yet and stay in class, but it would take a lot of $ for marginal gain. You can do anything to the manifolds (just no internals), so things like honing the intake and a header could go a long way. Braces can be added and I'm considering a shock tower brace. What I wish I could do but can't is weight reduction. My competition is nearly 1000 lbs lighter... She's a big lady trying to keep up with much skinnier models.....

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 10:43 am
by 3X00-Modified
She's Husky... :)

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 11:17 am
by heavywoody
Husky FTW!

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 3:06 pm
by quad4berettagtz

Can we call her curvy instead?! I don't want to hurt any feelings....

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 5:19 pm
by 1988GTU
Can u opt for aluminum exhaust, replace oem steel items such as brackets, inner sheet skins with light/different materials?

Re: 2014 Event #1

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 11:23 am
by quad4berettagtz
I can do some research on it... I'm not sure what I could pull of in that dept.