Raced Yesterday...

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Re: Raced Yesterday...

Postby Asylum » Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:27 am

I don't know Jene. That is cutting it pretty close, however it is nice to see on the slip.

In time trials yes, but in Eliminations .01-'s are fine with me, and will generally get the job done.

But congrats! I've had a few (but we don't get a trophy for it, LOL) and every time I shake my head 'cause that is just too close for my comfort zone.

Keep havin' fun!!



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Re: Raced Yesterday...

Postby jene » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:47 am

totally agree!!! but it is fun to do one every once in a while!

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Re: Raced Yesterday...

Postby 3X00-Modified » Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:46 am

jene wrote:apparently not.. I wish you would learn patients and explain things more clearly. Not trying to be a snot.. but you and i seem to have this miscommunication a lot... not sure why...then it seems like you get pissy... which i can understand frustration.. but give it a few trys before you get frustrated...

from what I took it you said try no filter a few times.. not just one race. try it a test n tunes??? and then i explained why that wouldnt work well to get true times... so what am i missing?

we are not talking about the z26. we are talking about the corsica which is the only car i race and it is my daily driver. the z26 sits in the garage staying nice and pretty.


You seem to be worried about overall time TOO MUCH. That's my point. When your testing something and you KNOW your slower ET wise in a test and tune then fine so be it, who cares if your slower than normal then due to heat. At least you'll still have a comparison number. You can say I was 2 tenths slower than normal on my normal setup, but then with the open filter I was only 1tenth slower... granted yes your slower but quicker than your normal setup... See my point?

If your only reason why not testing it at a Test and Tune is because your already 2 tenths slower then that's not a viable answer. Also who says you cant let your car cool down between runs? You don't have to hit every run during the test and tune.

Its like me when I go... I need to start saying screw it to my overall ET and concentrate on my 60' time... once I get that squared away with my tune and fueling down there, THEN I can do some runs at full force and get some full 1/4 times, which then I would have to work on top end fueling and dial that in... I can't just go and shoot for fastest since I haven't done any tune runs, and really its just a waste of time and also disappointing at times.

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Re: Raced Yesterday...

Postby jene » Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:37 am

I see... i understand now..

we will see... i might have another day to try it again actually racing... 2 time trials to go all out and then rounds...then i have an ope track day coming up for us bandimere employees... so im sure i can get some runs in and take breaks between runs..

as for racing this weekend... you seen my perfect light and now this... Still the defending champion in this class... we have 2 major sport compact events a season and both this year "the crimson terror" has won it all in the super stock class... :Yahoo!:


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