Mr. Potato Head Award

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Mr. Potato Head Award

Postby Asylum » Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:00 pm

Yes it's OFFICIAL!!

For those of you weeping and moaning, actually losing sleep over the dilema, and having problematic domestic issues about the situation, I am pleased to announce that a supply of Mr. Potato Heads has been uncovered at Kerri's (Beretta-Bitch) Mall.

So the coveted "Mr Potato Head Best Engineered Entry" will be awarded at both B'Fest Chicago AND North East in 2010.

For those of who have been under a rock and have not experienced the Mr. Potato Head Award phenomena, I direct you to Lil'Jon's posts for pics of the actual First Ever Design.

We will also continue with the Quickest N/A V6, Quickest Quad, and Quickest Overall Entry Awards at both 2010 events.

Kurt is also making noises about a Quick 8/16 program for Chicago, and if that can be worked out there will be awards for those categories as well.




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