B'Fest Drag racing overview and guideline

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B'Fest Drag racing overview and guideline

Postby Asylum » Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:37 pm

It appears we are going to have a pretty good turnout for the racing portion of this years event so here are some basics from the old guy for those of you who may not have raced alot, or at all, in the past.

This is an NHRA Sanctioned facility and they will NOT put up with any nonsense, tom-foolery, or disregard for the basic rules.

Failure to comply will result in automatic and immediate disqualification and removal from the facility.

So here we go:

Do not proceed to the Staging Lanes until our cars are called. It is my understanding we will be given a dedicated lane, but it may not be our exclusive lane. Wait 'til we are called.

In the Staging Lane STAY BY YOUR CAR! There is nothing more frustrating than having to manouver around a car that someone has left while they are off taking pictures.

Do Not drive with your hood open. Not even a foot! You will be disqualified on the spot.

Bring long pants and shoes. Tracks vary, but it is a generally accepted requirement that shorts and sandals are not allowed.

If you have street tires, Stay Out of the water box! Go around it.

Do exactly as instructed by Track officials in all instances. It's their show, and they know how to run it.

Once you have completed your run, get off the track at the first available opportunity, and head back to the pit area.

If anyone has any questions, PM me. Or ask them here.



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