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3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:29 pm
by beretta
got an app on my phone had to test it out..

60' 4.55 @ 23.47 KM/h
330' 7.64 @ 64.1
1/8 mi 10.62 @100.21 KM
1000' 13.566 @ 126.39 KM
1/4 Mi 15.57 @ 133.61 KM

0-20km 4.55
0-60km 7.62
0-100km 10.60
0-120km 12.71
0-160km 26.6

I know this time sucks. LOL the roads are covered in sand from winter. and if i try to launch it just spins till 3rd gear, last run i took off in 2nd slowly not launching. and i have my sub box in and its gotta be 100 lbs with 2 rockford 12's

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:52 pm
by Money pit Beretta
For a high miles car it's not as bad as you think. That's about what it would have been new( and an auto). It would be better if you shifted lower. The 3.1 dies out about 4800rpm. Anything past that is just noise.
My old 90GT auto would shift at 5200rpm. Nothing there. At least you have some control and can shift at any RPM.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:57 pm
by beretta
well honestly i when your behind the wheel just ripping around it feels like its pulling hard in the upper rpm, but when trying to get the best 1/4 mile time i can see where i need to pick up time and that i need to shift a little earlier lol. My worst part is taking off, if i punch it in 1st it just spins and if i dont come fast enough into 2nd im loosing speed in 60' time. and 5th gear sucks you have to let it idle down a little and push it in slow or it grinds so i tryed holding in 4th long as i could and loosing some top speed there, i have never had a way to time before and the car and the way i have been driving it feels pretty fast, but when you track it and look at your time you see how awful it is lol.

The roads are covered in sand and crap from winter and even 3rd gear just mucking around it spins and jerks all over the place its got too much balls to hook up lol so on taking off i start out slow thats why i have such a crap 60' 330' times. but at least now i can track it and work on it some.

I think i can hold it a bit higher rpm in 1,2,3rd and 4th i need to shift at lower rpm and get it into 5th to get more speed, it climbs fast in the lower gears, my tach is off by aprox 500 rpm it idles at 1,500 by my tach and really prob 800-1000. i find myself holding it to like 7,000 before shifting but tracking times i know now i need to shift before that lol.

This is a video i made just mucking around before i was timing myself.

But i think if i pulled my sub box i would get rid of 100 lbs and if i can get better on launching i could hit 14's with this car.
The engine was supposed to have 100,000 KM on it when i got it but who really knows, it runs mint with not a tick or squeak and i have semi synthetic oil and i try to take good care of it, my throttle body is slightly ported with a larger plate and i put a short air tube on it with a open round filter today so it should be getting lots of air other then that its stock. and i also think the ECM i am using is for a Auto v6 so maybe its changing my timing different cuz it feels like it pulls pretty hard in the higher rpm.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:48 am
by beretta
the program i used is called. Car performance Free version. seems accurate pretty sweet app. im going to be using it alot lol

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Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:16 am
by woody90gtz
How much work do you have done? I have my suspicions about your app's accuracy. 15.5 is a FANTASTIC time for a 3.1 5spd, but your 60' is at least 2 seconds slow to actually run that. IIRC Mr, Mike was running high 15s/low 16s with his 3.1 5spd at Bfest'05 with 2.0-2.1 sec 60' times.

I have a Dynolicious app for my iPod that's the same kind of thing, but I don't trust them like real numbers from a drag strip. For example, any change in grade will skew your results a lot with mine.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:10 pm
by beretta
i dont know it seems accurate its fixed on about 10 satellites in my area so it should have pretty good signal, i know my direction gps program is dead on with my location and where to turn and stuff.

My 60' time sucks i know cuz im taking off slow kinda like normal take off and not pounding the throttle till around 4 grand. i dont know my car seems to pull hard in the upper rpm. that run i took off in 2nd gear but was slow right off the start cuz i didnt dump it and get right into the throttle, so maybe i picked up faster after the 60' mark and screaming to the top.

I think im gaining more speed faster from 1/8 to the end of the 1/4, car seems to pull the hardest in 3rd and 4th. if i can just get it to hook up better in 1st and 2nd i think i could hit mid 14's

Only mods i have is larger throttle plate /port and polish of upper intake and throttle body and a aftermarket air intake that i just put on, also i have an aftermarket cat converter with a ractive stainless muffler it doesnt seem any louder then my cherry bomb, the exhaust is stock size i think 2 1/4". the converter is half the length of the stock one so it probably flows a little better. my tires are 15" 205/65 i think... they are pretty wide and fronts are brand new, i dont know what kind they are but just like a all season street tire and they suck for hooking up lol.

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Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 1:15 pm
by KFLO 93 GT
That's not enough modifications for most 3.1 5 speeds to get out of the 16 second barrier.

Go to your closest 1/4 drag strip when it gets nice out. Compare the times from a real track to your cell phone app and you'll see just how far off the app is. You can defend it all you want, but it's just not accurate.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:44 pm
by 3X00-Modified
If you have a 4.5 sec 60' you will have a 17+ sec 1/4mile GUARANTEED.... the biggest gain in a 1/4 mile time is the first 60'

My current best is 1.8 sec, and that was spinning...

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:58 pm
by Robert 89gt
My best 60ft was 2.185 and it took me awhile to get it.If kurt and myself are still in the high 14's with 3400 and 5spd.I don't see mid 14's from your car.I drove my brothers 93 gt 5spd a few weeks ago.There is noway its faster then my 3400.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:45 pm
by beretta
well i dont know those are the numbers i got from the app, maybe theres a lag at the take off and my time is better then that i dont know, over all though i think its accurate i dont know i never been on a track before. but looking at some track times for a 3.1 5 spd they are in the 15's maybe you need to drive that 3400 a little harder LOL

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Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:35 pm
by Robert 89gt
Im not trying to argue with you.Take it to the track and get a nice dose of reailty.

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Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:39 pm
by KFLO 93 GT
I'm not going to waste much typing on this. Go run at a track that uses professional timing equipment and match it with your cell phone app.

Until then I'll reside with knowledge and experience. Or you could just show up to BFest and get your ass handed to you on the track.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:44 pm
by KFLO 93 GT
Actually, which app is this? I want to download it on my android so I can run mid 15s in my stock daily driver white 93 GT and hit 12s in the black 93 GT.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:41 am
by beretta
its called " Car Performance" ok so that run i listed was my 3rd one. the 1st 2 were in the 18's but i was also shifting earlier in the lower gears.

I just went for a rip, and this time well i didnt launch off the start and once i got over 4 grand i punched it in 1st and was spinning and 2nd gear i eased into it and punched it after 4 grand and spun again, and i was shifting before 5500 rpm in 3rd and 4th and got a slower end time. my car pulls really hard in the upper rpm's if i shift below 5500 rpm im running way slower in the end.

i know this is not 100 % accurate, the program has good comments and people have tested on and off track and said its very close like tenths off from their actual track times. im not saying my car is a 15 sec car thats just going by the app. and that run i really think i was close to that, i had a friend with me thats never been in my car before and he was a truck driver, hes telling me to shift at like 5 grand im like no fkn way watch this and he says WOW this thing has alot of top end.

This might seem more realistic then the last post. but lets just compare.. .. a run i just did.... took off in 1st, spun, 2nd gear spun. 3rd let off for it to hook up then i laid into the rest of the way, but shifting before 5500 i kept it out of the red this whole run...
60' 5.5 @22.57..........................Below.. 2nd gear take off shifting past 6500-7500 range.
330' 10.506 @ 58.68 .................7.64 @ 64.1
1/8 mi 13.65 @ 92.98 ............... 10.62 @100.21 KM
1000' 16.583 @ 112.85..............13.566 @ 126.39 KM
1/4 Mi 19.628 @ 133.61 ............15.57 @ 133.61 KM

0-20km 5.5...............................4.55
0-60km 11.545 .........................7.62
0-100km 15.511 .......................10.60
0-120km 18.557........................12.71
0-160km N/A ............................26.6

I gained speed faster shifting over 6500 rpm opposed to under 5500 so tell me my 3.1 doesnt have power past 6000 rpm.. clearly it does. the 1st 2 runs i did were very close to the 19.6 run i just did they were all consecutive and i was driving the same in those runs, the 15.5 run i was shifting later and had 2nd gear take off and after i got it to hook up i gained 3 sec all the way to the end.

If i look back at my other saves.. they are all consecutive so if this program has lagggg then its the same all the time, so that 15 run might have really been 16. and the 19 run might have really been 20 i dont know for sure. im just saying thats what i ran with this app.

I am in no way shape or form saying my car is 15 sec. im just showing what the app reads and that i think its a pretty cool app if its off or not its still cool. and i bet it is within 1 sec of real track times. it picks up and locks on over 10 satellites, and my navigation gps on my phone is accurate right to the dime when im using it to go somewhere, it tells me exactly where to turn and how far the next destination is so i think this app has potential of not being 100 % accurate but it has to be very close.

If im just using the spedo part of the app, it is dead on what my spedo in the car is reading at that exact time and if i kick it down it stays right with my cars spedo the whole time. so it has to be pretty dam close.

......Also.. 1 of my friends has a 97 grand am GT 3100 auto with under 160,000KM on it 1 owner car was lady driven its whole life till he got it. its feels quick when your in it.. but we have lined his car against mine several times and i pull away from him the whole time, he kinda stays with me in 2nd and when i hit 3rd im gone and gain on him the whole time. he had a 98 grand prix GTP 3.8 L supercharged it has bald tires so didnt hook up worth a crap but from a rolling 50 KM to 100 i pulled away from that car too. he got so angry he tryed so hard to pass be and couldnt, he would eventually have past me in the long run but taking off in the lower speeds i could gain on him.

i also had a guy with a north star cady, dude in his 50's asked me if i thought my retta was hot i said well i dont know its ok hes like do you know whats under my hood, i said ya prob a north star v8, hes like ya 32 valve and blah blah blah im like well i have a 2.0 L 4 cylinder and ill go you any day, so a couple weeks go by and he happened to be going into town when i was leaving the shop and he was on my bumper, i was in 3rd gear sitting around 60-70 KM/h and soon as i punched it he was gunning on that cady i could see the front of his car lifting in my mirror so i know he was hammering on it and i pulled away from him all the way to town, he got out at the red light comes up and says well that was fun but im low on gas and had a million excuses, i said to him well i have a full tank wanna go again LOL.

Another friend has a 98 Audi 4 cylinder turbo. and we have passed each other back and forth on the road many times, i think his car is a little faster just because he has all wheel drive and can dump it at 5 grand and not even chirp a tire but i can stay on his bumper the whole time and still pass him, in the long run he would pass me on a long stretch.

My engine was supposed to have 100,000 KM on it when i bought it, the car it was in it had been changed, a mechanic owned it and you could tell it was swapped before had different hose clamps and some wiring was spliced and what not. so who really knows the exact millage on it. it could be 300 K who knows, it was clean and not a drop of anything on it, i have no clue if its ever been opened up, it had new rocker cover gaskets in it so i know its been apart that far, but no clue on anything else, i highly dout its been opened up before. it runs strong, runs smooth, it doesnt miss a beat at all, no hesitation, when i get onto it, it just snaps and goes.

My throttle body is modified a little, and since i done that, i noticed a difference right off the bat the first time i drove it, pulls a little harder. and have a cold air intake on it no idea if it helps or not but it looks cool LOL. the exhaust.. i have a new down pipe i think its single wall ive seen some stock ones with a smaller pipe inside, and my converter is half the length then the stock one and a aftermarket muffler. Also has a brand new fuel pump i put in cuz it wouldnt pass pollution test was running lean with the 2.0L pump LOL, new pump screen, new fuel filter, i have run 2 bottles of good injector cleaner through it. im running semi synthetic mobile 1 oil right now fresh oil change 2 weeks ago and this time without a frame filter i got one of the stores brands this time.

Most of the time i baby it, i dont want to destroy this car, only once in a while i lay right into it, and a few times i have drove it pretty hard, but for the most part im on the highway sitting at 2500-3000 rpm all the time max.. and im not always pounding on it, i try to take good care of it, and when i put this engine in, anything i needed i went and bought new, any other cars i have i would always make this work and make that work, well on the retta i done it right the 1st time. and i installed a new clutch before dropping it in.

I just changed my passenger side axle with the original one from the car last week, and i pulled the boots off and packed it full of fresh grease and was smooth up until today i noticed a noise again, unless its the driver side one, but it feels like its coming from the passenger side. at least it comes apart easy and all the bolts after cracking them loose spin right out, no rust so makes it easy to work on. still not looking forward to having to buy a new axle.

Re: 3.1 5 speed. cell phone time app..

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:50 pm
by Money pit Beretta
Starting to think that thing is set for sea level.