Shows PA?

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Shows PA?

Postby Guest » Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:17 am

Hey there I live in PA and trying to find more 1 day shows for my baby to go to....My big shows are Carlisle GM and Super Chevy Maple Grove.... other than that it hard trying to find more shows to go to....I want to try to stay in PA but will go to MD,DE,NJ,WV,OH,VA,maybe NY. Basically I live near Harrisburg and want to be able to drive and come home all in one day, hopefully. Small or large shows....I am just trying to find shows that are really judged by judges not participant or the judges  just pick thier favorite car...We try to stay away from the "party" shows we are laid back people (even though our car ain't) and like shows that are fun but are laid back....and are respectful of each others cars....
Anyone who knows of any or where to find some?

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