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How do I price this 95 Z26?

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 5:04 pm
by briton
Not sure whether this is allowed, but I'm sure the moderators will decide before it gets posted - sorry if I missed a rule, but I did read them all :) Rules say that "offers" are not allowed for sales forum so need to get a fix on a ballpark reasonable $ figure to offer this for a quick sale. Located in zip 30217 (Franklin, GA). You southeast Beretta owners are so helpful, I thought I'd ask you first.

1995 Chevrolet Beretta Z26, 146,757 miles (genuine), alloy wheels, a/c, power door locks, cruise control, power steering, tilt wheel, AM/FM + cassette, 2 owners - we bought it in 1997. It was my late wife's car and it was so good and so low mileage that I carried on enjoying it. (We used another vehicle for a lot of our miles and we were home bodies who didn't take long trips.)

I'm more of a "maintenance for a safe, well-maintained car" person rather than worrying about it looking pretty - that was my wife. When someone reversed the driver's side mirror into a wooden post, it was pushed forward making a small dent in the door when it was moved back into position. We got a hailstorm which meant it picked up some dings in the roof. It's got an uncracked fascia panel (according to a Beretta enthusiast that noticed the car in a parking lot not long ago that's a good thing - didn't know it was unusual). The paintwork is good although it needs some polish work on the hood because of aging but again an enthusiast told me it wouldn't need more than a little elbow grease.

Then one day, despite taking great care of her, when I checked the engine oil (full synthetic) I noticed an oil/water mix. Not sure whether that is a damaged head gasket or worse. So I took her off the road, suspended the tag and cancelled the insurance until I decided what to do. I intended to make it a project to bring it back to it's previous excellent running condition and pretty it up for my grandson or granddaughter but my life got busy and I've decided it's probably better to pass it on to better hands with more time. So it's sitting waiting for a decision.

On Friday, I have to decide whether to reinsure and tag it, scrap it (I've had a great offer for all that aluminum, but it seems a shame to remove it from availability for a Beretta lover who'll give it the tlc it deserves for all the years it's been so good) or sell it as is. I'm too busy right now even to clean it up to make it shiny so I either sell it quick or leave it in the barn to await a time when I can love on it. Of course, if someone jumped quickly enough to save me the hassle of renewing the tag, that would be worth something.

I can offer to dolly it within a reasonable distance if my gas costs are covered.

So what kind of price should I be considering reasonable if I put it out on the for sale forum?

Re: How do I price this 95 Z26?

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 9:36 am
by ifixalot
There are a lot of variables involved. It's a southern car so is it rust free and solid?
How is the interior? By letting the engine sit with antifreeze mixed with oil, I heard
that can damage the bearings so the buyer would be looking at an engine swap.
You say the paint is bad. Pics would help to judge.
Off the top of my head, I'd say you'd be lucky to get $600.
Put it on Craigslist and see what offers come in, it don't hurt to try.

Re: How do I price this 95 Z26?

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 7:31 pm
by Money pit Beretta
Rust free as said means there is nothing bad even under the car where they tend to rust first. Near where the rear springs meet the body is a major area. Not the spring seat, just around that.
Rust free has meaning, sometimes more than you would think. Having coolant in the oil does kind of hurt the sale though.