Z26 painted

Tell us about your Beretta and Post an Image
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Z26 painted

Postby woody90gtz » Wed Sep 21, 2005 12:15 am

The whole quarter was definately painted. I can tell by the sanding scratches that are visible in just the right light. Upon even closer inspection now that the car has been washed I'm a little less impressed. **** happens I guess.

But now I do have a 5-spd parts Beretta for $175. :banana

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Z26 painted

Postby IsaacHayes » Thu Oct 13, 2005 12:58 am

Hmm. I repalced the whole door on my car and aligned it myself. It fits perfectly no misalignment, no leaks. I also repalced the hood and fender at the same time. I started with the hood, then fender, then door. After I got the door on and aligned, I had to adjust the hinges that bolt to the car to angle it as the end of the door was sagging a bit. But it's good now. Only thing is my paint on my door doesn't match my quater panel AT ALL. It looks too sparkly, and TOO GREEN.  :fire I told the guy mixing the paint not to scan it, but he said you'r paint has to be fadded and we need an "acurate" color over the factory color code. Yeah, right. Is that why duplicolor paint matches my "faded" paint perfectly....

(All due to a F'ing deer that decided to jump mid air from the median into my car and roll down the side.).

Anyways, Your door looks to be dented in at the front bottom. I don't think you can adjust that by bolts the way that looks.... Not sure really what to tell you on that. :(

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