Trying on new pants, black ones that is

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Trying on new pants, black ones that is

Postby bonecrrusher » Wed Nov 16, 2005 1:57 am

Anyways, heres some pics of what Ive been up to over the last week or so.

Since it was pretty nice out, and I had a free weekend. I decided to finish my interior swap. Now I had already swapped out the rear interior parts for black panels, well I decided to move on up front.

First problem was that the black dash panel harness was all cut up and Fubar'd. So I had to remove my blue dash, tear it apart, remove my harness, and swap it over to the black dashboard.

Then I had to tear out my body harness and swap it out for the power window harness that Cack, Steph and I pulled this summer.

I had the body harness installed and Cack and Steph stopped by to install the power window regulators. Cack punched out the crank regulators, and riveted in the power ones with the big daddy rivet gun.

Next day I got back working on the car and got the dash in, and had to go to class. So I put the dash in. Connected everything up and started the car. Thank god, everything worked. Then I put in the drivers side seat, the steering wheel and the center console so that  I could have some heat after i got out of my night class.

Driving around with no door panels, or any other seats = a lot of road noise.  So I had to turn the radio up louder.

Today I put in the rest of the misc trim and dash pieces that were missing, as well as por15'd the inner panel of the doors as well as cleaned up some surface rust that was under the door panel.

Tomorrow Im going to Por15 the metal plates that hold the Door panel arm rest on, as well as get the panels installed.

Now for teh pics.

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