Alpine D310 dvd player installed finally

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Alpine D310 dvd player installed finally

Postby Ribz80 » Sun Oct 16, 2005 12:46 pm

(3100-95-Modified @ Oct. 16 2005,07:55)
I know why your tach probably sticks...

The overlay may be rubbing the back side of the needle, either pull the needle off a little more or re-tape your overlay with more 2 sided tape.  Mine did it before.

It had been rubbing the same way since way back in 2000 when I began racing.  I had NO overlay or anything.  Now it doesnt get stuck in mid shift, it doesnt move at all until after 3k haha.

Once you get use to the smooth action and precision movement of the Autometer you wont care about how your cluster works.  The adj/ redline is nice too.  Atleast I didnt go the 5" monster tach route which I have seen in other L-bodies and small cars :P

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