95 Beretta base nodel 3.1/auto

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Nivek Rekrap
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95 Beretta base nodel 3.1/auto

Postby Nivek Rekrap » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:36 pm

Greetings from Calgary everyone. I just discovered this website and joined in hopes of finding out more information about my car. It is a 1995 base model with the 3.1L and 4 spd auto. It is a Victoria B.C. car so it is almost free of rust. I bought the car 4 and a half years ago from it's second owner, (both were seniors) and it now has 350000 km on it and still doesn't use oil. I use it as a daily driver and when I don't put my foot in it I get 32 mpg driving around Calgary and 40.5 mpg on the hiway. I have all the service records on it since it was bought new.
Since these cars are now becoming so scarce and since it is in pretty good shape, I no longer consider it disposable like a used up lighter, but instead I've been investing money in it beyond maintenance costs and intend to cherry it out. Ultimately, when I can no longer drive, I will give it to my niece. Yes, I will put a $3000 paint job on a $500 car. When this engine gives up I will swap in a Milzy lx9 stage 2 crate engine. Did I mention I sometimes put my foot in it? This isn't my first hot rod Chevy.
I will be looking for parts from time to time, and enjoying posts and pictures from other members of this forum.

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Re: 95 Beretta base nodel 3.1/auto

Postby Oki_Hero » Tue May 09, 2017 10:06 pm

She's clean. I feel that's what my Corsica would look like if her paint wasn't fading and missing lights... and the dents but with four doors.

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