Project 91 "SS" 3400/5spd

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Re: Project 91 "SS" 3400/5spd

Postby woody90gtz » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:41 pm

Nice find on the summit fans. By the size specs it should be a drop in... I'm surprised you had to trim it. Mine measures exactly 26" wide. I'll have to measure the depth of the stock fan. I went with the slim 96 version to clear my front headers. I wonder if it is thinner than 4" or not.

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Re: Project 91 "SS" 3400/5spd

Postby GT_Indy » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:20 am

Including the fan motors the one I linked is 3.94 inches thick, But there is 2 fan motors to clear.
Photo of it in the engine bay attached.

If you decided to try them they seem to be great quality. They sound like a mini jet engine, they have been working great for a few years now. I put them in because I wanted colder AC at idle for the remote start on hot summer days. Cools the engine fast too when it does its normal on/off temp cycle for engine temp.

If you wanted you can wire one fan to the ECM relay and the other to a switch with relay but I just put them both in parallel off the existing fan control relay. Total they draw 26.6 amps. Factory 105 amp alternator keeps up fine on mine.

Not sure how well it would clear custom manifolds.

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