what did you do to your ride today?

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Re: what did you do to your ride today?

Postby Rettax3 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:37 pm

ifixalot wrote:I've heard about the newer wires with soy but way back, years ago,
We had a 73 Camaro which sat for a few weeks as we tried to sell it. Mice ate the plug wires. So, I bought a new set, put them on and they ate those too.
They ate a hole in the hood insulation too. In my 68 Camaro, they ate through the plastic kick panel to get into the car from the vent. Then they climbed up to the headliner and ate a hole in it to get over the visors where they made a nest. I replaced the headliner and sun visors because I could not get that stink out of the car. If I drove the car and as the sun heated the roof, the stink got worse. I bought every odor product out there, I even bought a UV light to locate the exact source of the mouse piss. It took a lot of work and time to finally get the odor gone.
On my house, we have Styrofoam insulation sheets under the plywood siding. They tunneled through the Styrofoam to get into the house in one spot. I filled that spot with Bondo and that is when I started setting traps outside. I've had no mice problems since.

They have really been giving you #ell... The single most affronting thing they've done to me since I last moved was getting into one of my Plymouths (also a '73, BTW) and chewing a hole in the pocket of my favorite!! wool blazer, then crapping all over my front seat (vinyl bench, so it could have been worse)... I'm still mad about that one. Rodent damage is pretty prevalent out here, but moreso in the winter with cars that are driven every few days, since they climb up into the bay at night to get warm after the engine has shut down.

I've found that in our area, traps and poison actually attract them in from the woods (of course, it is bait after all, they think it is food). Earthkind makes a repellent that really works out here. Honestly, I need to buy a few cases of the stuff, it is just pricey.

Dang, we could start a whole new thread just on this -"What did the rodents do to your ride today?" :roll:

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