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Stuff to think about...

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 24, 2002 9:37 am

Personally, I've never really noticed a gain - even in Louisville, Aaron convinced me to relocate my cone down low for "cooler" air.  Really all that did was cause my filter to fall out when I was racing Seth and get basically destroyed when my tire clipped the tip of it.

Maybe it has more to do with the humidity levels here in Idaho, rather than air temp.  The fact that we have some of the lowest humidity %'s in the US makes a 90 degree day feel like 75.  Maybe, as far as intakes go, the fact that the heat isn't being absorbed by moisture and then going into the intake has a greater effect.

All in all, if they made an intake for our cars that was strictly cold air that didn't require a battery relocation or didn't require me snaking tubing all over, I'd probably do it.  With as little as my car seems to be on the road, personally, I don't feel the tiny % of increase would be worth my trouble if I was custom fabbing something. ÂÂÂ

Just my $.02.


Stuff to think about...

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 24, 2002 10:23 am

I think that the air intake setup was part of that main plan that Automotive Manufactuers have that "if i do it like this then they will all eventually have to come back to me to upgrade or fix it.  Other than that there is nothing they can do hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....................."  Dam car makers....... :angry:


Stuff to think about...

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 24, 2002 11:34 am

:D lmao too! my beretta had the same problem! leaves, sticks, MOUSE! 1990 3.1L 5-speed!

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Stuff to think about...

Postby bonecrrusher » Thu Jan 24, 2002 12:52 pm

Well in all the cars that I have seen get cold air intakes, im going to have to say that i believe that they improve performance.

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Stuff to think about...

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 24, 2002 2:36 pm

When someone shows me a dyno with a cone filter inside the bay and then shows a run with a CAI, and there actually is an improvement, then I'll be a believer... Until I see numbers, CAI's aren't worth my time.


Stuff to think about...

Postby Guest » Thu Jan 24, 2002 10:52 pm

The filter w/extension on the pipe is working fine for me & the car's intake is louder than the exhaust (2.25 in piping cat back to DynoMax superturbo muffler).  I don't know if loudness has anything to do with the performance, but when I rev my engine, it sounds a lot louder now w/the ghetto $50 intake than the stock.  But if spending $160 for a cold air intake is more of a gain, it's all about your preference, but personally, I'd rather spend less $$ & get some performance.  You could also take off the stock elbow with the hole for the motor & replace it w/rubber PVC 3in. elbow & put a breather on the motor (which is $12).  There's many different custom things you can do.

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Stuff to think about...

Postby 90BerettaGTZ » Sun Jan 27, 2002 11:04 am

ill agree with Rex when he said that you can feel a difference on a cooler night than a hot day. i live in the FL panhandle and when its cool here i can feel an improvement. im not talking 20 hp or anything but it is enough to notice that the car pulls harder in gear.

Dante, i think im on the same page with ya when you are saying that you dont think that a cold air induction is worth anything over a cone setup? is this whatcha mean?

ill prolly agree if thats what you mean depends on how the CAI is setup. if you are using metal for a tube then i could see where that would make a difference between the 2. we all know metal isnt the best at keeping things cool, even the factory knows thats why they use plastic. it keeps down the heat a little bit better than metal.

im thinking if you really wanted to make a good intake youd make it out of rubber of plastic. where would i find that? well, ima go look at a big truck shop for some 3" intercooler connects and couplers. there are all kindsa bends and what not and even if it costs 40-50 buck in hoses to get what ya need whats the difference in price. seems the cheapest were getting away with these days is 50 bucks unless we have friends or luck out. so anyhow, the only problem with my idea so far is finding a rigid mounting point for the filter. i dont think mounting it right to the rubber hose would be a great idea. prolly run the chance of crushing the tube by the time i screw it down tight enough for it to stay put. perhaps a small length of 3" tube, say 3-6" to secure the filter to the tube?
this would make a great cone setup but as far as keeping the air cool, well if its choking down engine air i guess all im doing is keeping hot engine air "cool".

you really only have 2 choices unless you really get creative or expensive for making a true cold air intake. 1 would be to do the headlight removal thing and the other would be to modify the existing setup and follow the same path that the tube follows now. the latter is obviously alot harder and prolly not that good an idea.

prolly the best idea would be to move the battery to the trunk [ not that hard, did it on my 'Cuda ] either goto the junkyard and find an intake box that is free flowing enough to stick there and mod or fab up a box [ we all have access to welding equip and we all know how to weld alum., not ].

this btw relates to quad4 engine bays. im unsure of the other engine bays are v-6s are a whole other beast unto themselves.

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