Air Box Mod 3100

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Air Box Mod 3100

Postby Guest » Sat Mar 30, 2002 2:11 pm

muffler? You mean cone.
Ram air can be done but some cutting would need to be done. Not a whole lot. It is possible. No one has done it though. I'm going with a drop in and possibly a 2nd air snorkel going to the grill/headlight area for added flow.

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Air Box Mod 3100

Postby feelgood7777 » Wed Apr 03, 2002 9:47 pm

Ok i had a thought that was partually touched on.  what about cutting an extra hole for another snorkle and using a KN drop in since it filters better than normal, would i loose much low end?

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Air Box Mod 3100

Postby Guest » Thu Apr 04, 2002 12:45 pm

I put in a K&N drop in just recently and didn't notice much difference. Maybe a tiny bit on the low end when in a high gear or something but it probably was just colder that night.

I have yet to make another snorkel from the box. I'd say another one close to the same size of the original one shouldn't affect torq that much.
Here's an idea. Make a Y connetor and have a plate in it that lets you switch from the stock air box to a cone and open up the cone when your moving/high rpm.. hehe.


Air Box Mod 3100

Postby Guest » Wed May 01, 2002 1:16 pm

I have thought of a preaty good mod for the intakes on the 3100's. First you take a PVC T connector from the tb to the air box with the T facing the front of the car. Then you put on any kind of cone filter. You keep the stock air box(wit k&n of course) and you have a cone filter. Good idea or what?

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