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Getting ideas together

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2002 3:43 pm
by Guest
I have to get my exhaust done completely from the cat back relatively soon. I laid down under it a few minutes ago and it looks terrible. I was thinking of doing a Y pipe with dual mufflers and tips. I like the look of the early 90's Mustangs exhaust with the 10" tips going back where they hang down a little bit below the bumper so you can see them from the side.(Anyone got an idea what Im talking about?)(Will this work with the mufflers being farther back and eliminating piping?) I have no idea on mufflers or where to get the tips like this, or even if the long tips will bolt up to whichever mufflers I choose. Any ideas? With doing the exhuast cat back do I need a new cat also? Any recommendations.
Thanks in advance for any opinions or concerns with my ideas...

Getting ideas together

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2002 4:08 pm
by Canada
doing a cat-back you dont have to replacethe cat if you dont want to, you could get a high flow cat to put in there, or run no cat. the difference between a cat-back and full exhaust is 3' of pipe and 45 degree bend and about 4 hp.

dual exhaust is going to be much more to put in, 2 mufflers vs 1, twice the bends, you get the idea. I did mine for $300.

Muffler wise, just get any straight through muffler, Dynomax Ultra Flo, MagnaFlo, and heavywoody's borla bullet would all be a good choice.

Piping, get 2.25" manderal bent. Plain and simple.

Cat, CatCo has a nice highflo cat at Summit Racing for $60. If you want to have a cat, they are option, but against the law in certain states. I believe I'm okay here in Iowa, where tractors outnumber cars anyways.

Duals will cost you more, and not gain any performance, its just for looks. Do you plan on doing the work, or will a shop?

Getting ideas together

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2002 4:21 pm
by Guest
Thanks for all the info there. I plan on taking it to a shop. I plan on buying the mufflers and tips cat and bring that in when I get it done. Will I need to buy a Y pipe or will the place do it for me? How much will piping cost? Is it usually expensive or no? The main money will be going into labor.

Getting ideas together

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2002 5:23 pm
by gar187er
they will do it all, just tell them what ya want :)

if doin a cat back setup, then it will run bout $175-250....

a full setup like canada said will be in $300 range.... but add some extra $$ if ya really want the extra muffler.....

and what about my dynomax bullet?!?!(i had to plug them)

Getting ideas together

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2002 5:26 pm
by Guest
Ryan-So I can run one muffler and then a Y pipe just for the extra tip???
Tell me more abou tthis Dynomax bullet...

Getting ideas together

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2002 11:10 am
by Guest
Yeah, I would try to work in one muffler and then split it to Y and have dual tips on each side or whatever you want. If your state doesn't care about cats, You could put a Dynomax Ultraflow in place of the cat, run piping back, and split to a Y after the rear axle up to 2 tips.

Or you could get 2 small cheap dynomax Super Turbos and have it split and go to them and then 2 tips like AquaZ26 did.

Getting ideas together

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2002 2:21 pm
by Guest
What abt that dual outlet neon muffler someone in here used..?
Or maybe one from a camaro or grand am gt or something.. That would seem much easier/cheaper to me then geting a Y pipe and 2 mufflers and all that crap.

Getting ideas together

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2002 5:34 pm
by gar187er
putting anything besides a glasspack in place of the cat will look outta place, plus support may be an issue....

as far as splitting it goes...theres almost now way possible to split it before the axle...which jason brings up the camaro setup.....i hope when you said it is cheap you were being sarcastic.....

the mufflers on those have an inlet and an outlet on one side, and an outlet on the other side....somewhat of a proprietary(sp?) design....trying to fit that under your rear end would be a it possible? yes, but i doubt a muffler shop would be willing to try ;)

you best bet for dualies would be using a short muffler(under 22") recessed a little but still in the stock location, and then spliting it......or just no muffler and just a glasspack instead of the cat....

the dynomax bullet comes in a few different lengths, and diameters....from as small as 2.5" diameter up to 4.5" IIRC, and lengths from 12" up to 23"..... and fairly cheap as compared to the borla bullet, but borlas is SS....the dynomax bullet P/N #24215.....price bout $40.00