Sluggish at 50 mph +

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Sluggish at 50 mph +

Postby berettajeep » Mon Jun 16, 2003 8:28 pm

Hi boys and girls, I need help.
  1989 Beretta   2.8,5 speed

  Driving home yesturday on the highway going about seventy,went to pass a tow truck and saw a giant red box in the lane.
   I swerved back behind the tow truck and ended up running over a little box  :angry: .
   A few minutes later the car started to jerk. I pulled over to check under the hood and the car to make sure I didn't damage anything.Everything looked good,so I started to go again.
  In every gear,before I was to shift into the next gear,it would jerk.It wouldn't go pass 50mph  :( .

There is no codes set,I start the car up let it warm up to normal operating temp. Sounds like a vaccum leak so I search around and found nothing.I disconnected vaccum lines,so it set a 33 code. I then clear the codes by disconnecting the battery (for a half hour,while I ate)  
 I hook up the battery start the car and it dies. I try again and it does it again and again etc;
 So I leave for about two hours,come back and it starts right up.
Here is a list of new things that have been put on my car in 2 years: TPS,MAT sensor,MAP sensor,O2 sensor,fuel/brake lines(comes as one from the dealer),fuel filter,fuel pump,clutch,slave cylinder,clutch master cylinder.....

any suggestions?


beretta is gone. -sigh-


Sluggish at 50 mph +

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 16, 2003 9:12 pm

look closely at your crank sensor harness--it runs under the oil pan on the passenger side--it could have been damaged. IF you hear a vaccum leak you may just have one--alos check the vacuum reserve canister in the d/s front wheel weel under the battery area

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