Gtz is sick

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Gtz is sick

Postby 93GTZguy » Mon Sep 01, 2003 10:44 pm

welp, BerettaGT/14ASEcerts, hit the answer on the head a few months ago when he said my slave cylinder was going bad, well. my mechanic thought the clutch master cylinder, replaced it and within a week it was back to umm moving in first gear with my foot buried in the floor, so this weekend I get the car to my hometown to get that part worked on, friday, he wasn't available and could only work on it tuesday, I have classes tuesday and couldn't really miss classes for the GTZ, soo, the plan was to take it back and do another friday run, welp. sunday morning (aug 31) around 3am, leaving a party, my GTZ decides that it dosen't wanna go over 3000rpm in no gear and eventually the SES light comes on, so I limp the car home, pull into the yard, take the engine to 5000rpm, no problem, turn it off..back on did likewise no problem.  I call up my mechanic (my uncle) (later) in the morning and he says to bring the car by. I do, we had a family reunion so he couldn't look at it until the evening, took the car out, and it ran beautifully, turned around and on the way back the GTZ started bucking and loss all power above 3000rpm, my uncle thinks its the fuel filter.  fast forward to the next day (labor day) I get to his place early, he tells me to drive the car to his garage, which I do, back it in, turn it off, and it will not run now, the fuel pump is working, it was whining in between cranks.... so there it sits, waiting for a slave cylinder and now who knows what (prays its the fuel filter) whats ironic is another guy dropped his car off for a similar problem...clogged fuel filter. ÂÂÂ

any opinions?

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Gtz is sick

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 02, 2003 11:38 am

crank sensor ! :)

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