Car wont start

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Car wont start

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 24, 2003 12:37 am

Quote (JCZ26 @ Mar. 13 2003,01:13)
The injectors should still shoot, the cps is triggering just the spark. I had this happen to me on the GTU about 2 or so years ago. I drove out to worc, and this all started when I was going back to boston. As I went down 290, the car started losing power, and was actually running on 3 cylinders. I was 3 miles from 495.... went south on 495, and got off at route 20 and pulled into the shell station. The cat was so hot, that the undercoating was dripping off the floor. I had to dowse it with water before it caught on fire. The car would not start again. The ramp truck took it home, and when it got home, the car started. It started the next morning too, but got 7 miles, and died again. I replaced the cps with a used one I had lying around, and has been fine ever since. :;):

Hey that sounds familiar.... Loss of Hp... red hot exhaust.... when I try to crank mine though, it makes a clicking sound like it's the starter.... tried it a couple more times and it only clicks 1 time right when you actually turn the ignition... do you think it's the same thing for me?

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