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3.4 twin cam 5spd

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 3:07 am
by TurboGTU
He(doughboy1013) had stated a 3.4 , not a 3.4 DOHC. Secondly I did not state that a 3.4DOHC was RWD, I was saying the 3.4(ohv) was RWD. THird , whom says it don't fit, and finaly , who cares about oe mounting. THats easy.  Just clearing things up. NHF.;)

3.4 twin cam 5spd

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 4:09 am
by spacecadetz26
Quote (TurboGTU @ Mar. 15 2003,15:26)
Yes the trans can bolt up , you need everything from that trans/car though(flywheel, pressureplate,disk,fork,cables ect..).

Yes the 3.4 can fit ,but know that the 3400 is a FWD and the 3.4 is RWD. I think to make the 3.4 FWD you will need to tap and thread in new bolt holes for the starter since RWD had them on the other side. THen just bolt up your FWD accesoris and mounts.

That camaro engine is useless in out FWD cars, you will have to get parts from older pre 87 cars and Fiero to make it work. ÂÂÂ Waste of time. ÂÂÂ FWD accessories will not bolt up.  The 3.4 camaro engine would use the U bracket and torque mounts that a Beretta never got, and is more reliant on a large subframe.   Your dipping into customization that is only worthy to a 3800, 3800SC swap and not a RWD 3.4.   My Fiero is a different story, that car uses the RWD style tweeked for transverse mount, by the time the 2.8mpfi came out that your all familiar with it became a FWD only application and a lot of accessories, mountings and tha make it usuably.   In my opinion the 3400 is the best V6 option for Beretta's especially 1992 up.    I made no mention of the DOHC vin X engine since we all know that it does not fit.

3.4 twin cam 5spd

Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2003 9:57 am
by Guest
Ummmm, Let's see, the thread started out as:
I was just looking around EBAY and i saw a GP it was a 3.4 twin cam with a five-speed.
Then after everyone was through explaining the make up of a 3.4...:
The 3100 is an OHV engine, not has pushrods (12), and a cam.

The 3.4L DOHC has 4 cams and 24 valves.

That 5 speed used there was never used with any other motor. Very rare.
And the we went back to the trans from a 3.4 dohc.. example:
The 284 will bolt up to any 60 Degree V6.  It does have a special bell housing in the fact that it is VERY VERY small -- the gear housing is MUCH bigger on the 284 since it's so much beefier, so the bellhousing has to be very short to fit in the same space as a 282. ÂÂÂ

They use a "pull type" clutch, which is VERY expensive (the clutchmaster stage 3 is over $1000) - they are also NON servicable by anyone but Getrag, so if it ever goes bad, plan on $2300 for a rebuild by Getrag.

Then as you refer to doughboys statement:
here's another thought... would the engine mounts for the 3.4 be similar to a 3.1/3100?  my friend and I have been tossing around the idea of throwing one in a beretta in the far future.  There was a 2.8 block lying around to compare it to, but back in october this thought, and the beretta, were not with us.  The 3.4 would bolt up to a beretta-stock 282, so could it be possible? ÂÂÂ
Now as I see it, the only thing that had changed here, was the the trans model number from stencils 284 to doughboys 282, therefore, the thread was still regarding a 3.4 dohc, I find no mention that it changed to a single cam, like that is used in a camaro, till stephanie mentioned it. And noticing that you just joined the group last month, I'm guessing that you never read through the archives to find that:
No, a 3.4 dohc will not fit in the engine compartment
And to Shephanie..... Thankyou, for your post above.  :;):

3.4 twin cam 5spd

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2003 2:55 am
by TurboGTU

3.4 twin cam 5spd

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2003 5:00 am
by TurboGTU
The 3.4 would bolt up to a beretta-stock 282, so could it be possible?
I just read it as typed. No DOHC after 3.4. Maybe he forgot to type it. Yea I was thinking he was refering to the DOHC one but, he did state it matched THE 2.8 and would fit HIS 5spd. Oh man...this is fun.

And what?, the 3.4 won't fit didn't keep its bellhousing the same as the 2.8 FWD...I guess I was thinking of the BOW-TIE... so I was corrected on that one...but no more...  3.4DOHC not fitting the L body...who's the unfortunate one who found this out. You all stated it(the 3.4dohc) would fit in the beretta on the old post(yes I looked-finaly...:)..)but without costom work..So see it would...don't give me non of this it won't talk. "Performance is hard to come by"ECM reprograming can be make by someone on the 60dv6 forums called VEGATA, thiese engines are almost as strong as a bowtie,they have better oiling sys., airflow,boost can make thise engines monsters,NOS too,,,just search. :)

Sounds like your giving up man, but I know your not. Right.

Lets not get too hardcore here.
I love debates! more?
I'm laghing my ### off right now!  Thanks man.

:;):  :)

3.4 twin cam 5spd

Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2003 6:35 am
by RebelGT
somebody stuck a 3.4DOHC in a cavalier, so if you have the smarts i guess it can be done.