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Feedback Forum - Posting Tips and Suggestions

Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:48 pm
by Styluss
This forum is intended to be used as a buyer/seller feedback forum providing insight into a possible business transaction with another member for the community. Please keep all feedback, good or bad, honest and to the point. Emotions and feelings don't belong in a post within this forum, however transaction details and specifics are essential to providing the best picture of a member's business ethics. Here are a few tips for posting your feedback:

-This forum is moderated by all of the board mods/admins. However we will never delete or edit a post without exceptional reasoning. Blatant slander, undue defamation and downright rude and improper responses/posts will be dealt with as needed. If you are not either a seller or buyer you should not be posting in this forum, it is not a discussion forum. Bottom line. Keep your $0.02 to yourself concerning your personal views about a member. This section is for business transaction feedback only!

-Before starting a new topic please at least page through the first 5 or more pages of posts to see if there is already a thread for the community member you wish to review. Nevermind if the title of an older thread calls out seller or buyer specifically, all feedback is welcome within the same member's thread.

-When creating a thread title, if known, please use the member's Beretta.Net screen name followed by their real name. This will help to "bridge the gap" between member's BNet screen names and real names on FB.

-If you feel transaction feedback was posted in error or is not true, contact Styluss (Ryan Haenny) directly via PM or FB message to attempt to sort it out. Note that as only the buyer and seller for each transaction will know the intimate transaction details, making it tough to "police" this section of the board. However I will do what I can to see that all is fair and civil.

These will be edited as needed... Please provide any comments or suggestions that you may have to improve this forum!