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Feedback forum

Postby bryan » Sun Sep 21, 2003 8:28 pm

This is a new forum for us and we want to keep this as honest as possible so it can be a good resource for buyers and sellers alike. A few things...

-This forum will be moderated by all of the board mods/admins.

-When you start a topic use only the members name as the title.

-If you want to post some feedback for a member please search for that members name in the section before starting a new topic.

-If you are looking for member feedback also please search for that member.

-If you feel something was posted in error is not true, contact an administrator or board mod to get it corrected.

-If you are not either a seller of buyer you should not be posting in this forum, it is not a discussion forum.

-remember rule #1 of the board rules please when posting, "1. No personal attacks on other members will be tolerated. If
you question someone, it must be done in a reasonable and
semi-friendly manner. Violating this rule will be grounds
for a 30 day suspension followed by a permanent removal from the board if violation occurs after suspension."

These will be edited as needed...

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