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Re: Filter Survey

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:49 pm
by Koots
I voted for regular ol' stock filters. They filter the best but will require more frequent change intervals to keep it flowing well. From my experience with the V6/V8 and diesel truck world is that the stock filters tend to be big enough to flow plenty of air and filter better than any other. But these are big cylindrical or flat filters with 3-3.5" OEM intake tubing. The best intake for a 99+ Chevy/GMC truck is an Airaid intake tube and stock filter (had the strongest improvements). I decided to cutoff the resonator box and extra crap on my stock 02' intake and fiberglass over the holes. It made a noticeable improvement during highway passing, but not much around town.

I chose AEM if I go with aftermarket filters. I'm running one on my 6.2 diesel and it performs great.