2.2 intake mod (and free?)

Post information about intake systems. Either purchased or custom made
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2.2 intake mod (and free?)

Postby weba » Tue Jun 12, 2007 6:24 pm

Okay, there's something new on this pic, but what?

Well, before:

That's the intake piping it had from the factory... could it be anymore horrible?

Replaced by this:

Stock intake pipe from 1990 Quad4 :) Free from my parts car..

So whats so special in this.. well look at this:

Image should tell everything..  And it fits like a glove. Nice for free mod, i only needed 1 rubber clamp and that came from the junk pile.

And not intake releated, but allso nice and easy cheap mod:

I guess you can tell witch fan came of Quad...  recommended for everyone.

I fill up for $130. Also 11 years of Beretta ownership

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