Good set of All Season Tires

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Re: Good set of All Season Tires

Postby 99GaGT3X00 » Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:15 pm

3X00-Modified wrote:And if I lived in an area that snowed more than maybe 10-15 times a year where it's enough to justify snow tires then MAYBE I would have a set specific for the season, but for the 85% of the winter where the roads are just wet and dirty they are a complete waste. I also didn't need a second set of rims in my purchase plan now or in the future for that car because dismounting/mounting every season change is a pain in the arse, and wasteful on the snow tires themselves.

that's the only reason i opt for a dedicated set of snows. the smaller towns out my way and a few of the ones i pass through to and from work don't plow the roads i travel too often..last year one of the storms we got there was 10" of snow on the ground when they decided to send us home from work and thanks to snow tires and the AWD i made it fine. i turned onto one road and like a 100' up there was a guy in a ford focus burning the crap out of his tires to get up a moderate slope, whereas i just drove past him with little effort. a lot of the roads i use are secondary roads so they get pushed to the back over the main roads. not looking forward to the snow but i kinda wanna see how the nokian R2's do..

i have never done the mount/dismount every season. far easier to source another set of wheels and given you are going to get a cheap set of wheels for the winter it will pay for itself in one season. one shop is $15 a tire to mount them on a rim, and the one i used down the road from my garage is $20..

but down in your area snow is a little less than my area.

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