SBC engine is 60 years old.

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Re: SBC engine is 60 years old.

Postby ifixalot » Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:26 am

Asylum wrote:I trust you turn it over now and then and prime the oil pump.

Valves shouldn't stay stuck open for extended periods and valve springs get weak when compressed for a long time.

I see the exhaust ports are exposed so that would be a concern over an extended period of time.

Just a thought.

I rotate it now and then but I'm probably not as diligent as I should be. I figure if anybody bought it, they'd probably go over it and test the valve springs anyway. They might put in a milder cam too which would use
weaker replacement springs also. As far as corrosion on the valves, I have other items in that garage that
I don't want to rust so I have a de-humidifier in there to keep the moisture down.
Back in 1982 or so, I junked a 72 Caprice wagon with a 400 big block. I kept the motor on the floor in the back of the same garage for years just sitting. In 1989 when I put the 68 Camaro back on the street, I put that big block in it. It started and runs fine just like it always did. All my lawn mowers, roto tiller, snow blowers, chain saws etc. spend many months at a time sitting idle and don't have problems.
I'm fairly sure I could mount that engine on something and fire it right up without a problem.

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