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Roll bar story

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:41 pm
by ifixalot
I have this roll bar from my 68 Camaro when I used to bracket race the car.
I remember I paid $75 for it new way back in the late 70s.
I took it out when I put the car back on the street.
I once offered it to a woman on CL for $25 who wanted for a powder puff stock car.
She was afraid to meet me at a nearby golf course so the deal fell through.
Then I was moving the darn thing around and I thought I'd just throw it away but didn't.
Then I saw member on here, who I thought, might be interested. So I went
looking for an online picture of the roll bar to include with an offer to sell it to him.
(my roll bar was buried in the garage) I found a discussion board where a repro bar
was to be made to sell for $500! But it never got produced. Then I see an auction
on Ebay where the same roll bar as mine sold for $357! So I post on CL
and offer it for $200. I get one response but he didn't follow through. I then
decide to post it at the forum where I found the reproduction bar and paste a link
to my CL ad. But I bumped the price up $50. So $250 plus shipping.
Geesh, to box it and ship it was $145.

I got the money in my Paypal account today. The bar will be headed to NY tomorrow.

One man's trash is another man's treasure for sure.