Well, that was disappointing...

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Well, that was disappointing...

Postby Rettax3 » Tue May 01, 2018 12:27 am

I took a break this afternoon from the DOHC-Z project. I found this on my old Plymouth's engine: :o
400 Cam Bearing1a.jpg

This is not the original 383 Big Block from my car, which is sitting on a stand too. This is a replacement Big Block I bought a couple of years ago to drop into the car while the 383 was being rebuilt (and yes, 'BUILT'). But, it turned out to be a fairly fresh rebuild already, and I liked this engine after I picked it up and found how clean it was (as you can see in the pics, the inside is spotless except for some minor surface-rust in the water passages), so I decided to build it a little first. It is the same block as my 383, but with heavier castings and the biggest slugs Mopar used back then, 90-thousands more than the 383 and even bigger than the famed 440. I bought a new Lunati VooDoo cam for it over the winter, and a gear-drive set to go with it (Mopars are notorious for stretching their chains -they still run fine, but not necessarily ideally). I thought the cam bearings would be new with the rebuild, and was ready to slide in my new cam and lifters. Nope. Looks like water damage to me, I am afraid of what the crank bearings look like. I scoped the cylinders when I bought the engine, and they are great.
Lunati Cam 1a.jpg

Yep, that definitely crimped my plans for the evening... Every time I move forward on this thing, I get set back half a pace. BACK TO THE BERETTA!

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