Tire Preferences

Have a favorite combination? Need new tires? What size wheels fit a Beretta? Ask here...
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Re: Tire Preferences

Postby 3X00-Modified » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:31 pm

Well I went with one tire not discussed... After talking to a 615 owner I found that they spin easily and also do not grip in wet very well... so I opted for a slightly cheaper yet better tire for what I want.

I went with the Falken FK 452 "The Luxury Sports Tire"

These are known for silent road travel, and also very good performance and grip, as well as very good ratings in wet traction, and they also have a 300 tread rating over a 200 on the 615 All that and they were 11 bux cheaper than the 615's

4 new tires for 432 shipped... Not too shabby. I'll finally be putting 4 NEW tires on the 96... its about time, every other detail has been covered.


Conceived by a company whose vision is relentless and developed for the VIP automotive purist; Falken's new FK series line of Luxury Sports tires is clearly the new benchmark for JDM and European Luxury tuners.

FK Series Luxury Sports tires are the product of continual evolution and refinement which occurs at the highest levels of automotive tuning. Micro-Low profile sizes and revolutionary construction specifications provide the foundation for premium import, European, and Domestic full and mid sized vehicle tuning.

"The core objective of this development project focused on the obvious absence of luxury automotive merchandise and the untapped tuning potential of early generation luxury VIP import, European, and Domestic sedans. These early model chassis employ many of the most sophisticated power train and suspension systems available today and are poised to capitalize on the growing demands of mature automotive purists who understand the delicate balance of form and function."

Falken's world debut of the FK Series ushers in a new generation of Luxury sports tires that successfully cover the application spectrum from OEM fitments to Micro-Low profile and super wide staggered fitments for wide body premium tuned automobiles.

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Re: Tire Preferences

Postby Asylum » Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:00 pm

Looks like an F-1 with an extra groove.

Good choice.



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