Fuel gauge bouncing

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Fuel gauge bouncing

Postby pretzel » Tue Apr 22, 2014 1:50 am

I have a 91 GTZ and the fuel pump went out in it. I put a new fuel pump in and the fuel gauge started to bouncing around with breaking. I used the old sending unit. Well....2 days later the new pump failed too. So I figured If Im going in again, just as well put a new sending unit in.

All back in..pumps works great but gauge still bounces with a new sending unit??

Could it be my instrument cluster?


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Re: Fuel gauge bouncing

Postby yellow3800 » Thu May 22, 2014 2:28 pm

I just put in a fuel pump today and hope it doesn't go. perusing rockauto, one pump manuf. recommeded replacing the wires.

I didn't. I don't use alcohol, and while I'd be able to tell my old ones from new ones, the insullation had no cracks, and connections were like new.

You must have bumped something. Check that connector on the body that the tank harness plugs into - dust attacks it everyday.

Hopefully I caught this in time, when your tank is out, put a meter on the wires from the sending unit to the harness plug and check resistance during a wiggle check. Wires age when moisture is present, and we never know when its present! I found 6" of corroded wire in a factory harness once that had to be pulled from the loom! it just crept in there.

I don't think its the cluster unless the car has sat for a year somewhere. we can probably rule that out.

I think its corroded wires from the sending unit to the connector, or the connector itself. even if the car is a moisture bog, the inside wires [connector runs inside the back seat right?, into the cabin of the car..] should be fine.


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