Slight stuttering in gear when driving low speeds

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Slight stuttering in gear when driving low speeds

Postby michi » Sun Nov 08, 2015 6:14 am

So guys, after having problems to get the Beretta running right early this year i swapped all ignition parts, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter and then found out that 1 injector was the problem. So i swapped in 6 new Delphi injectors and it ran pretty good and passed inspection like a champ.

I didnt drove the Beretta much this year cause of my other 2 cars but since the injector swap i noticed when the engine is cold it starts to stutter minimal in gear when driving slow speed, when i throttle it some more the engine accerelates without problems... Its just when i hold the throttle at low speed.
When engine gets warm its all good, no stuttering at all and revs up just fine. Also no problems when i let the car warm up for like a minute or two and then start driving.

No big deal actually, but i just wonder what this could cause.
And as it looks, my BMW 330d will be sold in a week or two so the Beretta will be my daily again. The Beretta always was way more fun to drive besides it looks way much better lol and im not a fan of diesels anyways, even when this one had more power(215hp/370ft.lbs) than the beretta, lol.

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