Speedo out of wack

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Speedo out of wack

Postby DOHC_tuner » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:02 pm

So I guess my Beretta is finally showing her age. Today my speedo started to act funny on the highway. It would dip way past the speed limit and hit the plastic trim. Then go back under my actual speed and just continue swaying like so. Car seemed to drive okay, but I did read others had issues shifting. I guess that's on automatics? I have a 5 speed so it seems okay.

Just wondering if this will cause issues with other sensors, such has fuel delivery, timing, etc.

Whats the fix for this?

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Re: Speedo out of wack

Postby themixer » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:04 pm

The ecu does use speed sensor for a number of functions, I had to replace my VSS this summer due to it failing. They are no fun to get out ! Good luck

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Re: Speedo out of wack

Postby RobertISaar » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:28 pm

could be just the cluster or the PCM/speed sensor, can't tell without hooking into it and viewing the datastream(or if you have a scope, watch the 4K VSS circuit for anything odd)

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