Corsica misfiring after rain (nowadays problem with IAC valve)

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Re: Corsica misfiring after rain (nowadays problem with IAC valve)

Postby GT_Indy » Sun Aug 26, 2018 7:03 pm

Bapsu wrote:Yeah took the dash out today.In case someones heading to same operation:

One nut at both sides, other near glove box and the other near fuse panel. Four screws just near windshield wheres the blower grill. Two nuts inside dash.

Things to be taken away;
Steering wheel, unbolt if from the dash and open the clamp holding it on the steering rack near firewall.
Take out cluster aswell. wiper controls and headlight switch also.

After removing those, unbolt and unhook the wiring harness going behind the dash. You really cant see much there, you just gotta feel it by hand where are the nuts and holders. Take all wirings out of the dash, disconnect heating hoses going to side vents. Pull dash out.

Not rocket science, did it myself first time on this car, took around 4hrs. Also, no need to deal with heater core!

That is good that the heater core didn't need to be pulled for the job.
When I did it I was parting a 90 Indy so I pulled everything, but its been years since then so I didn't remember the details.

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Re: Corsica misfiring after rain (nowadays problem with IAC valve)

Postby Bapsu » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:00 pm

Yeah... Autumn pushing up in these weeks. Seems like
my daily driver corsica has developed slight misfire again during few last weeks.

When idling i hear constant popping from tailpipe every now and then. No smell of gas tho. Its also really slight, idle feels bit erratic while sitting inside. While driving its pulling great.

Last time i did plugs and wires, i guess now its icm & coils time? How does air leak act in this engine?

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