Ac problems?

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Ac problems?

Postby Guest » Wed Jun 16, 2004 10:41 pm

here is a quick a/c class for everyone--I am sure John (JCZ26) will correct any errors I make.

The are quite a few parts to an a/c system but it is fairly simple.

The a/c compressor--it is more or less a refrigerant pump --it takes high pressure refrigerant from the condensor and compresses it, and pumps it out as a low pressure refrigerant and sends it out to the accumulator/reciever drier.

Accumulator--it accumlates and dries refrigerant (removes moisture) and it passes on to the evaporator

Orfice tube---it is an inline filter that is contained inside one of the lowside lines usually around the accumulator or condensor. it not only filters the refrigerant but helps it to go from a liquid back to a gas.

Evaporator---this part (located in the dash with the heater core) has refrigerant passing through it causing it to cool down--the blower motor pushes air across the evaporator cooling the air and then forwards it through the duct works and out the events.
this action turns the refrigerant into a high pressure gas by warming it.

lastly we have the condensor which does just that--takes the high pressure gas and cools it by air flowing across it--the condensor is in front of the rad--then the refrigernat goes back to the compressor and it begins again.

normally when the car is low on refrigerant the compressor will suck the system down until the pressure drops too low, and the low pressure switch will shut the compressor off to protect it. IF there is a restriction in the system, or the cooling fan is not working and the pressure gets too high, the high pressure switch will shut down the compressor. There is also a fan pressure switch on the Berettas which turns on the cooling fan when it senses an increase in the the pressure in the a/c system--

hopefully this will help for those trying to understand hwo the a/c system works--feel free to add or correct anything I may have butchered.

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